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Extension County Operations: Organizational Development

Georgia Cooperative Extension Conference 2016

At the 2016 Extension Conference, all Extension state specialists, state staff and county faculty will have an opportunity to network and gather together as one group to discuss overarching issues for Extension.

Also, 4-H, ANR, and FACS will hold individual meetings that bring together state and county faculty to discuss issues related to program area.


January 12-14, 2016


  Rock Eagle 4-H Center
    350 Rock Eagle Road
Eatonton, Georgia 31024
Phone: (706) 484-2899

Facilities, Map, and Directions

Event Details

2016 Extension Conference Agenda (pdf)

2016 Session Locations (pdf)

Abstracts for poster presentations

Opening Session Presentation Slides by Dr. Lorilee Sandmann can be found here.

Expert Panel Discussion:

Dr. Pamela Whitten Remarks:

Dr. Lorilee Sandmann Lecture:

Dr. Lorilee Sandmann Closing Remarks:

Dr. Laura Perry Johnson Welcome:



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